Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Episode 23 - Haters Gonna Hate

Since Will Smith introduced Mankind to the term "Hater" almost twenty years ago, some people have given greater life to that word than reasonable folk would ever have thought possible. But why??? John and Smokey ponder this deep, deep question... and call that kind of people nasty names...

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Further reading, if you're so inclined, can include this discussion about Soren Kirkegaard's thoughts on "haters" of the Nineteenth Century:

and a fairly interesting Huffington Post piece about "haters" today, and what might make them tick:

Friday, September 11, 2015

Episode 22 - Grow Up, Already!

It's said there's a time to put away childish things and be a man (or woman). Okay, just when is that time? Have you reached it? Being a "grown-up" is a subjective thing. John and Smokey wonder exactly what that means...

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We learned about some of the Rites of Passage discussed in this show from these articles. Check 'em out for yourself!